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Our participants

During school holidays (and pre Covid 19!) a group of young women gave up their spare time to work with Fifth Word for a week. They received training from different professionals in portrait photography, filming, oral history capture & interview techniques. The young women  took a look around the Derby Local Studies Library where the results of the project will be housed, and researched the women they would be talking to. The week culminated in the group having a day with each woman where they captured a new portrait photograph and recorded their living history interview. 

There can often be little understanding around what exactly a director does every day, how a playwright gets from page to stage, or a lighting designer’s role within a creative team. This project has helped a group of young women demystify these roles, making them more accessible.  We believe projects like Lights Up are a critical part of young people’s education and professional development and their participation led to real experience. These young women have built knowledge of the cultural sector where they live and heard inspiring, first-hand accounts of successful creative careers.

If just one person thinks ‘I could do that!’ or ‘that could be me!’, then Lights Up has been a success.

Thank you to the young women who gave up their free time in pursuit of their goals.

Anisa Archer, Jas Nolan Green , Bethany Soar, Emma White, Shannon John

And to the many others who contributed with their time, help and support along the way.